Assembly Branning: On the issue of opposition in the subjective budget, Government

Raipur. After the introductory budget was introduced in the Chhattisgarh assembly, the discussion started by the Opposition on behalf of the former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. Dr. Raman Singh said that there is an acrobatics of data in the underlying budget. The beginning of the budget itself has been disappointing. Beyond the 10 thousand crore rupees, 98 percent revenue expenditure is coming. The fiscal deficit was 9 thousand 97 crores till the BJP government continued to function. I have seen the whole financial management as a finance minister. How to improve the financial status We have seen this The reason for this was that while staying in the debt front, we had done better financial management of the state. But on the very first day in the Congress government it was understood that the entire cabinet of the whole in the matter of decision is confused.

Loans for cutting paper and slip are not forgiven
Dr. Raman Singh said that the debt forgiveness of Rs.1,223 crores has been waived; this is the money which was cut during the linking of the farmers’ account. There is no debt waiver by taking paper and slip bites. Think about a sustainable solution. I was looking at the declaration that only two points have been implemented. The financial management of the unemployment allowance has to be done. An arrangement of Rs 35 thousand crore will be required.

You won the elections even though you promised, but now people will ask questions, which will have to answer. The chief minister has ever calculated the paper pens. How much do you have the strength to make 35 kg rice per unit unit An order went away that any work that is going on can be stopped. All work of development like school, bridge-bridge, road has been stopped. There is no money in panchayats. In 15 years, we worked to give a direction to development. If financial management is not there, then it should not happen that there is a state of chaos in the state.

People of Chhattisgarh will come to you with the same manifesto. You have conspired to make Chhattisgarh bankrupt. I want to know from now that more than 7 per cent of fiscal deficit will increase. Liability of debt will increase.
Wherever development promises do not get annihilated in election promises.

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